Breville Service Centre

Direct Appliance Repairs are proud to be a Breville service centre. We strive to assist all of our customers with their appliances, and in our capacity as an authorized service agent, we have managed to repair or replace countless of Breville appliances.

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Warranty Repairs & Replacement

As a service agent for Breville, we are able to offer free replacement of any Breville appliance covered under warranty. This is done at no charge to you.

Depending on your warranty, the age of the machine, and the nature of the fault, we are authorized to either replace the appliance entirely. However, in some cases, we are only authorized to repair the machine though this is still done at no cost to the customer.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Our relationship with Breville as a service agent means we get a few perks as well.

As a service center, we have access to Breville’s large selection of spare parts. This means that even if your Breville appliance isn’t covered under warranty, we’re still able to repair it using brand new, original Breville parts. This means no second-hand or third-party replacement parts from unreliable manufacturers and suppliers. It also means we’re able to offer the cheapest price possible, as we’re able to source our parts directly from Breville themselves.