Call Out

If your appliance needs repairs, we can come to you. If you need a call out service, our mobile technicians can go to your home or business and repair your appliance on site.


The service call out fee is $110 and includes the first 15 minutes of the labour (including GST), afterwards labour is charged at $25.00 per 15 minutes.

*Please note that the service charge for coffee machines starts from $120.

If we have to make an additional visit to fit spare parts, there will be no call out fee charged and only the cost of parts and labour will be charged. We will provide a quote before returning to install parts.

Terms And Conditions

Please not that if we attend a call out as requested, the call out fee will be charged. Any and all broken appointments will incur the full call out fee unless under exceptional circumstances, or if our office has been sufficiently notified of the cancellation. Please allow 24 hours before the booking via phone during business hours, or email.

Due to most of our spare parts stock being ordered from the eastern states, any specially ordered parts will take up to 10 business days to arrive.

Give us a call at 9418 8855 or fill out the booking form.